The 1968 Chevy Camaro is a first generation automobile produces by General Motors. Untill 2002 when production ended, four generation of Camaros were created ranked as pony cars and muscle cars. The name was restored in 2009 with the fifth generation Camaro, a mature concept car. The first appearance it made was at a press preview in Detroit in 1966, the year when sales for the 1967 model officially started.

The 1968 Nova had a new fresh design, with a 111-inch wheelbase and longer, lower and wider body, available as two-door coupe of four-door sedan. The basic engine on a Chevy started with a four-cylinder 90 horsepower, a six-cylinder 140 horsepower Turbo-Thrift, and went up with the V8 200 horsepower Turbo-Fire 307 and the 275 Turbo Fire 327.

The standard engine on the Nova SS was a 295 horsepower V8 with Turbo-Fire 350 cubic inch, capable of reaching 104 mph in 13.85 seconds. It was equipped with wide oval tires with red stripes, stiffer suspension, and a three speed gearbox, four speed manual or Powerglide automatic. The Turbo-Hydramatic three speed automatic replaced the two-speed Powerglide in 1969, although the smaller engine Novas still used Two-speed. Front disk breaks were available also.

During 1968, 17,564 SS coupes were produced. The 1968 Chevy Camaro had a similar design to the 1967 model, continued to be used for 11 years. The side vent windows were removed when the Astro Ventilation replaced the old system. Rear taillights were divided and front running lights also changed from circular to oval. Chrome hood inserts were placed on the SS models, creating a smooth appearance. The inside included Four-Season air conditioning, head restraints and rear shoulder belts.

The 1968 Chevy Camaro models were all named Chevy II Nova, but in 1969 the Chevy II name was replaced by simple Nova. Nova 350 with a V8 engine and 300 hp and Nova 396 were built with standard front disk breaks and incorporated locking steering columns. Sales dropped by half , the 153 disappeared due to lack of general interest and the 250 became more popular.

Nova was the most favored Chevy II model in 1968 and was replaced in 1980 by the Chevrolet Citation until 1985, when it returned. The first generation survived until 1969 and was an inspiration for the fifth Camaro, a contemporary car with a vintage flavour. The 1968 Chevy Camaro is a classic car and you should consider yourself a lucky man if you own this model. Make sure that you do a thorough research of online car insurance quotes in order to protect you car. You can even find online car insurance quotes which are designed specifically for classic cars.

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