The Pontiac Firebird is a pony class car produced since 1967 and up to 2002 by General Motors, one of the largest automobile makers in the world. When the Firebird was introduced in 1981 it outsold the 1982 Camaro model, considered its twin. The first one to have fuel injection and five speed manual transmission, the Pontiac had different types of engines from the GM divisions.

The second generation Firebirds were produced between 1970 and 1981 with improved body style, replacing the “coke bottle” aspect and equipped with the 455 engine. There were two special editions in this generation, The Black Special Edition, The Gold Special Edition and two anniversary models, the 1976 50th Pontiac anniversary edition and the 10th anniversary 1979 Pontiac Trans Am. Trans Am $725 package was introduced in 1969, named after the Trans Am Series. The Trans Am Performance And Appearance included a rear spoiler and a Ram Air IV option for the 400 CID engine.

The 1979 Pontiac Trans Am was a limited production of 7500 models, 1,817 Pontiac 400 with 4-speed transmission and the automatic Oldsmobile 403 with built V8 engine and 185 horsepower. Other options included air conditioning, front disk breaks, drums in the rear, tilt wheel and power steering. The 10th anniversary models had silver and charcoal paint job available with a bird design on the hood, extending to the side fenders. The bird was painted using five shades of gold and yellow highlights. There was also a gold bird on the door panels, steering wheel center cap and the shifter knob. Other Special Edition features: gold snowflake wheels, gold pin-stripping, black-out window trim, steering wheel with gold spokes and a gold accented grille. The car had almost everything available for that period ,including interior red illumination. The Pontiac has always had its faithful flock of followers, and while some ignored it, others were found completely under its trance. What is clear though is that this was a very special car, and it even featured in some Top Gear car reviews, which says a lot. Not every vehicle gets to be a part of Top Gear car reviews, especially where older cars are concerned, so getting an appreciation from them is another testament to its unmistakable qualities.

Sales reached incredible numbers for Pontiac Firebird during 1979, but unfortunately that was the final year of success. By 1980, the smaller Pontiac 301 was the only one that could resist the crisis. The 3rd generation Firebirds were adapted to the gasoline cost due to fuel crisis, with reducing fuel consumption as main objective. The 3rd generation cars were the most aerodynamic products offered by General Motors.

The 1979 Pontiac Trans Am was truly a special edition, one of the best models Pontiac created. With an extravagant interior and exterior, the Firebird is a classic with a tradition of its own.

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