Windshields are exposed to countless damages every day, from stones and road debris to temperature changes, adverse weather, and direct sunlight and so on. These external factors can cause the glass to crack or chip and once this happens, the car’s safety system is in great danger. Most people who have to deal with cracked windshield start looking for auto glass repair companies such as Windshield Repair Corpus Christi TX as soon as possible, but there are some people who believe that there is no reason to worry about a small chip. Here are some of the most common misconceptions people have related to windshield repair.

Small chip? Don’t worry!

As it was briefly mentioned above, some drivers thing that a small chip should not be a matter of concern, since it is too small. Truth is they could not have been any more wrong. Once the windshield is damaged, it needs immediate repair, since even though at first the crack is small, it will get bigger and bigger in time and will automatically increase chances for unfortunate events to occur. As the chip becomes larger, you may not have to repair the windshield, but to completely replace it, which means that you would have to spend more money on it.

Replacement is the only solution

Another reason why many people refrain from going to a professional mechanic to have their car’s windshield inspected is that they are afraid they will have to completely replace the glass, regardless the size or type of the crack or chip. There are different types of chips and cracks and each of them is treated differently depending on various aspects known by the mechanic. In most cases, if the driver takes the car to an auto glass repair company in the shortest time possible, the glass can be repaired with minimum amount of effort and money. This is the reason why experts strongly advise drivers to have the damaged windshield inspected by a mechanic early.

I can repair it myself!

Car aficionados who know a lot about cars also consider themselves professional mechanics, so the moment they have to deal with cracked windshield, they refuse going to an expert and try to repair the glass on their own instead. However, even though the glass repair kit bought is of good quality, it will not provide the same results as in the case of having it repaired by a professional.

All cracks are the same

Another popular myth related to windshield repair is that all cracks are treated the same. This is obviously not true, since according to experts in the field, there are different types of chips such as bullseye, half moon, combination break, star break and so on. Depending on this aspect, the chip can spread differently, not to mention that the spreading speed can also vary due to changes in temperature and vibrations for instance. Drivers should get expert’s advice to determine the best windshield repair method according to the type of damage the glass presents.

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