The car won’t always start right away, especially when the cold months of the year become really harsh. During low temperatures, the engine needs twice the power to start and run, so a small boost is more than welcome. Considering the fact that the car battery tends to lose more than half of its power when it’s cold, it’s easy to see why help is needed. If you can’t give it that boost on the spot, you might find yourself in the situation where you won’t be able to leave because the car won’t start.

A solution to turn to in such cases is to use the car battery jumper to give the battery the needed impulse to carry the weight and power the engine. But is the jumper actually effective, can you truly rely on it? Obviously, there are factors to consider as the overall quality of the specific portable car battery jumper that you’re dealing with plays a major role. Thus, you must make sure to research the market thoroughly before taking a rushed decision. Nonetheless, let’s move on and learn more about these auto tools, figuring out together whether they’re actually worth the investment or not.

How to Use the Jump Starter

What certainly delights is the fact that the portable jump starter is easy and safe to use. All that you have to do is to match the colored alligator clamps of the starter to the terminals of the car’s battery, red being compatible with the positive terminal, while black is intended for the negative terminal. After connecting the clamps, turn on the jump starter and let it transfer the peak amperage to the battery. This will cause the cranking amps of the battery to receive the needed boost in order to power the engine. Afterward, just start the vehicle and you can move on. If the battery is depleted of power, you have to wait for a longer time in order for it to receive enough “juice” to start the engine. Nonetheless, it’s a great solution to turn to and a very easy and convenient one as well. We have to mention the fact that corroded terminals prevent a good connection from occurring, so make sure that you take care of this aspect in case it’s needed.

When the Jump Starter Is Needed

Unfortunately, there are a lot of situations when the jump starter is needed as there can appear many issues with the vehicle. The most common problem that people are faced with is when it’s freezing outside and the battery isn’t capable of providing enough initial power for the engine to start. Another common situation is when, from lack of attention, you don’t realize that you were supposed to change the battery as it starts to run out of power. In case you’re caught in the middle of nowhere with a depleted car battery, hook up the jump starter and wait a few hours for it to power up the battery enough in order to make it possible for you to leave that location and go to a shop to purchase a new car battery.

No Unpleasant Incidents Can Occur

People generally think of booster cables as being the best way to start up the car when problems appear. Unfortunately, this might be the less expensive fix for the situation, but it’s definitely not the ideal solution to go with. When using booster cables, you have to set up a connection between two cars. Thus, there are actually two connections to worry about. There are a lot of incidents that can occur when going with this method. For example, you could accidentally reverse the connections, moment when sparks might appear, sparks that can cause an explosion if they enter into contact with gases. Also, when using booster cables, you could damage the electronic components of both vehicles involved in the operation. This is surely an undesirable scenario when you consider just how expensive the electronic components of a car are. With the portable car battery jumper, none of these issues exist, safety being completely ensured.

You Won’t Need Someone Else’s Help

If you don’t have a jump starter, you automatically need the help of another person in order to start your own car. As we mentioned previously, the alternative to using the portable jump starter is to use booster cables that need to be attached to another vehicle. Thus, you have to ask for someone else’s help. Seeing how you might be left in the middle of a long stretch of road, helpless, and with no one who you know in your proximity, it gets quite awful to seek help as you have to rely on strangers. With the jumper in your trunk, you can just relax in your car while the problem at hand is being tended to without involving other people.

No Concerns Regarding the Disabled Vehicle’s Placement

Another concern when you’re not using jumpers is the position that the disabled vehicle is left in as you need to position the second vehicle that will transmit the power to your straight in front of it. Seeing how no one knows exactly when the battery will run out of power or when the temperature will be so cold that the car won’t start, it’s unrealistic to expect for the car to be always positioned perfectly when such a procedure is required. Of course, this problem doesn’t exist when portable battery jumpers are involved, so this is another major advantage to benefit from.

Conclusion – Is It Alright to Use the Portable Battery Jumper?

Now that you know all the benefits that the amazing portable battery jumper provides, it’s probably already clear that this is a tool that you must have in your trunk at all times. Not only will it benefit you in many situations, but it’s easy to use as well and it doesn’t require you to ask for other people’s help either. Additionally, it does more than a wonderful job at boosting the battery when it’s needed, and the procedure doesn’t take long either. Of course, this is unless we’re talking about a depleted battery, but the jumper comes in handy in that situation as well as it can effectively power up the battery and the engine, requiring only a little patience from your part.

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