If you live in Kansas or plan on visiting there for a while, it’s really worth checking out the racing scene. There are no less than five paved drag strips, two paved oval tracks and literally dozens of dirt ovals. No matter what type of racing turns you on, the chances are that Kansas can offer you something to turn your crank.

If drag racing is your thing, then you’ll want to check out the S.R.C.A. Drag Strip, located near the city of Great Bend. Built on a surplus B29 Army Air Force Base that the city bought in 1946, the strip has seen continuous racing since 1955. It was actually the scene of the first-ever national NHRA event, where the first official acceleration records for stand and start one-quarter mile racing were set. The track is now a Kansas Historical Site, and was completely resurfaced back in 2000, making it one of the best drag racing venues in the area.

Another great drag racing track to check out is Kansas Dragway, located near Topeka. The Blacktop Nationals run there every August, and there are a number of other premier races throughout the year. The track also runs a number of motorcycle drag racing events, so if you ever get fed up with cars – which you won’t – you’ll find a change of pace.

If you’re looking for NASCAR or IndyCar, then check out the Kansas Speedway, located in Kansas City. Racing started at the track in 2001, with the Indy Racing League, NASCAR Busch Series, and the NASCAR Winston Cup Series along with several others. Since then, the track has gone from strength to strength, including a complete repave in 2011 and the addition of a road course in the same year. The main track is a 1.5 mile tri-oval, with 17° to 20° banking in the turns, coming down to 5° on the backstretch. The road course runs over a twisting 2.37 miles with six challenging turns. There is seating for over 72,000 spectators, a casino, and parking for 35,000 cars. As an additional bonus, it’s close to Olathe, another Kansas City suburb, so if you’re looking to buy a car, not just watch one scream around the track, you can easily make a side trip to the Olathe Dealership.

Finally, coming back to Topeka, you should also check out Heartland Park, which offers just about any type of course you could want. There’s a drag strip, a dirt track course and a road course. The latter has four different configurations, including a 2.5 mile Grand Prix circuit and a 1.8 mile NASCAR circuit. The track is used by a number of racing associations, including NASCAR, SCCA, ARCA, IMSA, AMA, ASA and IKF, so you’ll always find something to suit your taste. The drag strip also has a calendar of premier events, including the NHRA Kansas nationals, which run in May each year.

So, if you’re a racing fan – and who isn’t – then plan on taking a trip to Kansas and check out all it has to offer. You won’t be sorry.

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