Once you have found the car of your dreams, you should not rush into the buying process. There is one important step you need to make before getting into the driver’s seat: the pre-purchase inspection. This is the most valuable piece of advice that any owner should take into consideration is having the car purchased inspected before the actual purchase. Dealerships such as Bentley Hadley Green offer pre-purchase inspections for your safety. No matter the condition of the car, old or new, you need to protect yourself and your savings.

What is Pre-Purchase Inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is an inspection performed by a mechanic or a licensed auto technician. The purpose of carrying out this inspection is to evaluate the car from a cosmetic, mechanical and safety point of view. The feedback of the auto technician is priceless since it will let you know if it is worth investing in the car. If planned properly, the inspection does not take very long and it could possibly reveal hidden issues.

Learning what is hiding underneath the hood will determine you to make the right decision or more leverage on the negotiations. The costs of the inspection vary according to the service that you go to and the extension of the inspection. The inspection implies verifying both the interior and the exterior of the car. Additionally, some services even perform a drive test to evaluate the car’s motion.      

What does it cover?

More specifically, a pre-purchase inspection covers many aspects. If you want to know what you are getting for your money’s worth, then here is a list: verification of the equipment, confirmation of the condition of the car, revelation of hidden problems, identification of engine problems and determining the overall value of the vehicle. Almost all facilities offer these services and the process takes about an hour.

What problems can occur?

If you want to ensure that you are buying a valuable car, then you should check the most important part of the car, meaning the brakes. In other words, you need to make sure that the brakes will hold when you park climb a hill. The easiest way to verify the functioning of the brakes is performing a test drive and seeing if the brakes have a solid feel or to identify any grinding and squealing noises.

Equally important is checking the suspension and tires. By pushing down the on each corner of the car, the mechanic gets information about the state of shock. Additionally, the tires may leak air and you have to make sure the space is in good shape.

Another important place is the radiator. When considering buying an old car, you have to be aware that rust on the radiator is a clear sign of neglect from the behalf of the previous owner. A licensed mechanic will also verify the radiator fins for flimsiness.

To sum up, the inspection of a car has to be performed by a reliable and established mechanic. A pre-purchase inspection is valuable establishing the performance of the vehicle and identifying potential issues.

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