The 2013 Ford Mustang is equipped with a fresh design, latest technology and a 662 bhp and 631 lb-ft of torque Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. One of the most respected and recognized American cars, Ford Mustang combines the classic retro look with some new exciting features.

The most powerful muscle car available on the market, the 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 amazes with its 5.8-liter wicked V8. If you are a Mustang lover you will appreciate the traction control as well as the torque. Chief engineer Jamal Hameedi built the car with no real grill for the radiator, providing it with a powerful front air intake. He added a larger fan and fuel injectors, a three row intercooler, twin fuel pumps, upgraded the breaks. Added high performance tires and a carbon shaft, making it clear that bigger is better. There is an improvement in traction management, a launch control system, brembo braking system and a Torsen limited slip differential.

The design has been slightly modified for better air flow and more secure tracking. The front fascia and splitters offer 33% more air supply at 160 mph, maximizing downforce and minimizing drag. Aluminum wheels were added, 19 inch in the front and 20 inch in the rear. Both the coupe and convertible have side and hood stripes, but this option can be removed for buyers that request it. Avaliable colors are Gloss White, Silver, Blue and Red stripes and Satin Black.

The interior is generally comfortable, although tall drivers might not find it so, with Recaro front seats with white stripes to match the exterior ones. If you want heated seats forget about the Recaros. The Shaker audio system has nine speakers, HD radio and will surely blow your mind. Other options include a glass roof for the coupe model, dual zone climate control, cockpit-adjustable Blistein dampers, SVT Track Pack and an Electronis package.

Saftey is not an issue for the 2013 Ford Mustang, awarded four stars out of five in government crash tests for front and side impact. The coupe was rated “good” for frontal collision and acceptable for side impacts, according to the Insurance Institute for highway Safety tests. Front seat airbags offer protection for chest and head; speed and audio limitation MyKey system is available for more inexperienced drivers. Knowing that you are completely safe in this car and that you have some added performance features to test will probably keep your gas pedal on the flower more often that it should. As such, you might want to check out some online radar detector reviews, so that you can protect yourself from possible speeding tickets. After all, what is the point of owning a car like this if you are not going to test its limits. Therefore, make sure to find a good radar detector reviews website and research the best gadget for your needs.

The price for the Super Snake package is $28,995 for the 662 horsepower version but if you want the wide body option it will cost an extra $17,995, and for the coupe version it varies between $101,640 and $112,640. If you want the convertible model add another $5k and any other option you desire.

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