The suspension system is mainly responsible with keeping your vehicle running smoothly.  It improves the way you control the car, not to mention that it makes you feel at ease when driving at full speed. The only issue is that the system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages you have on your car may not be fit for most situations. What you should do is focus on performance. Speed is much more important than style, so you need to equip your vehicle with the right performance suspension kit. Having the right auto parts will not only help you accomplish your goals of speed, but also make a big difference in the handling. Nonetheless, even before going shopping for performance suspension kits, it is essential to understand what parts should be included in the pack and how the components can help you.

What a performance suspension kit should include

Obviously, not all manufacturers and suppliers include the same parts in their performance suspension kits. However, some components you are likely to find in all top car equipment packages and they are:


  • Strong coil springs – If you want your automobile to be more strong and resilient, you need coil springs of high quality. The catch is, though, that standard OEM springs will not do. You need to invest in coil springs that are capable of handling shocks and thus ensuring a good ride quality. Heavy-duty coil springs do more than support the weight of your ride; they improve handling.
  • Shocks and struts – Ride quality is largely affected by shock absorbers. In other words, if your handling system would be made up of only coil springs, the wheels would spring up due to the nature of their elasticity. Shocks are necessary to relieve this problem. But what do you need struts for? Well, struts may do about the same job. You can’t have both of them installed on your car, so the performance suspension kit must have one or the other.
  • Control arm bushings – one of the most important parts of a performance suspension kit are control arm bushings. They help you maintain proper alignment while driving. However, if you are driving at speeds over 200kph, the conventional ones you have on your car will fail you with time. For track, you will need control arm bushings that can offer precise alignment.

Buy performance suspension kits online

Now that you know what to look for in a suspension performance kit, you are probably wondering where you can find one. The answer is simple: online. On the Internet, you are likely to come across a number of suppliers. Some online stores are so comprehensive that they make available all kinds of systems designed to help you improve the speed of your ride. Just make that you choose kits that are fit for your car. Some automotive equipment caters to the need of specific car makings. To narrow down your search, it advisable to type your vehicle’s model in the search engine. You will see that the results will be numerous.


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