The 70’s were difficult years for the American automobile industry. While the European car industry was already well developed the USA one was struggling to reach decent levels of quality. Although the vehicles were reasonably priced and so were the car parts the performances and the features were less appealing. In an effort to reach European standards Ford released the Granada, a complex vehicle which was advertised as a family car but also had a sports twin that was meant to attract the younger generation. The Granada was pretty big car news when it was first launched, and the fact that it is still admired today confirms its status as a classic.

Although the 1978 Ford Granada was originally supposed to replace the Maverick models, customer preferences changed that plan. With the increased popularity of the economic Maverick cars, the first generation of Granada models were advertised as luxurious compacts. Furthermore, because of its midsize and comfortable interior it was also a good choice for a family car. In 1978 the Granada suffered several transformations : the taillights were altered,the headlamps were redesigned into a rectangular shape and the side mirrors became more aerodynamic. These upgrades were used for two years until the 1980 when the Granada Monarch started to be produced. If you’ve enjoyed these car news so far, then read on to find out more about this classic vehicle.

The 1978 Ford Granada sedan is packed with a 248,44 cubic inches engine that power to car to run with top speed reaching even 98 miles per hour. This car was amongst the last models that featured the famous 1960 Ford Falcon platform. It also possess one of the most luxurious interiors of its time. However, because of the fuel crisis in the 70’s cars were forced to shrink as much as possible and new regulations were imposed towards defining car sizes. The ford Granada was not spared of the modifications as it moved to the 105-inch wheelbase.

The 1978 Ford Granada is a mid size car otherwise known as a family car. Its comfortable interior made it perfect for family road trips. Still the manufactures noticed that the model did not appeal to the young generation of speed enthusiasts. In order to solve this problem the company released a limited ESS model, meaning a Europeans sports sedan. The model had a few features resembling a Mercedes. These features are the things that gave the vehicle an European touch. The model is also presented with a heavy duty expansion, a blackout grill amber tail lights as well as an upgraded sports interior. The sporty exterior is meant to appeal to the speed lovers and convert them to the brand’s quality standards.

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