“Side by side” is a common expression or phrase. It refers to two or more people who are close together and facing the same direction. People who walk side by side travel shoulder to shoulder alongside each other. It is a comfortable thought.

In the off-road world, a side by side can provide an amazingly comfortable ride. A side by side is a small four-wheel drive vehicle that is designed for off-road travel. Some people call it a utility task vehicle (UTV) or recreational off-road vehicle (ROV). Side by sides can seat two people or six.

Most side by side vehicles are factory equipped with a rollover protection structure (ROPS). This sturdy frame is engineered to protect motorists from injuries caused by rollovers or overturns. Some UTV models are made with hard tops, windshields or full cab enclosures.

At least fifteen notable companies manufacture side by side vehicles. They also sell original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and accessories. Some online retailers sell factory and after-market parts and accessories. Side by Side Stuff, found at SideBySideStuff.com, is one example.

Stores like Side by Side Stuff sell UTV parts and accessories for many of the top brands. Side by Side Accessories, located at SideBySideAccessories.com, is the store’s official blog. This UTV blog provides a wealth of information for side by side owners, operators and enthusiasts.

Blog readers can find the latest industry news, exclusive store updates and articles of interest to off-road enthusiasts. The site’s owner and writers are passionate about side by sides, their enthusiasm is evident on the blog. It is an excellent source for all things UTV including vehicle parts and accessories.

The writers post regular industry updates. They also write about new additions to the store inventory, exclusive discounts and promotions, current UTV news and more. The blog welcomes ideas for blog post, and it also accepts guest posts as long as they pertain to side by sides and off-road travel. The blog does not tolerate spam.

The store owner and the blog writers are committed to customer service. In fact, they want their customers to experience the best service possible. To that end, both sites provide a customer service page as well as a page for frequently asked questions (FAQ). Store customers and blog readers receive a lot of help to find exactly what they need for all of their “side by side” travels.

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