Emerging on the market in the ‘90s, the RAV4 is brought to another level, a more compact and city appropriate one. Using innovative technology, sturdy and stylish, the model is designed for adventures – both in the city and outside. Also, Edmunds claims that Toyota RAV4 might be the SUV fulfilling the necessities of a family. Spacious, sturdy, appealing, all wrapped in a new modern design. The Japanese manufacturer brought to perfection this crossover SUV, its design and capabilities always evolving and always developing. The last model is a great one for a couple of reasons.

A bigger generation

20 cm added to this new generation than the previous one, in length. Also, it is worth noticing the 86 cm difference from the first generation. Yes, you can fit an entire football team inside if you wish, but we wouldn’t recommend. Legal aspects. Available in a 2.0-liter 122bhp diesel version as well as a 2.2-liter 148bhp diesel model, the car is exciting to drive, and luckily, fits your entire family inside. Or maybe your camping gear, if you are the adventurous type.  Not only spacious in the backseats, but also in the cabin, it preserves well the design we are used to. Toyota masters details like no other producer, and yes, they are sturdy as well.  

A versatile model

With a “Sport” button and high off-road capabilities, the vehicle can offer an overwhelming experience for the driver. It offers increased levels of safety and comfort on any type of road, which makes it the perfect alternative for both families and individuals in search of surprising and thrilling experiences. It brings the concept of crossroad to another level. With wide wheels and special features, the car is a great deal for everybody.

High safety levels

Once again, the car succeeds to impress the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, receiving great ratings in terms of crashing resilience. Its pluses come from its roof strength, head and seat restrains and the improved front overlap. The overlap test consists in simulating a frontal collision on 25 percent on the driver’s side. The Institute rated the model as being “good”, which, in our book means it’s great. The same test was performed on the passenger’s side as well. The producer also offers a five-year warranty, which comes as a big plus.

What drivers say?

Well, the drivers’ verdict was an expected one. A stylish, safe and reliable vehicle, spacious and sturdy, it is one of the first alternatives for many, especially family men. Large or small, they can all fit safely and comfortable inside it. Also, with intuitive features, it makes the driving experience a more enjoyable one, especially if you have a team of hyperactive children in the back. What makes it great for families is the fact that you don’t have to compromise either the look or other capabilities (off-road here) for space. Therefore, you can enjoy some adventure time alone in the same car you take your children on vacation. Or to school. Or practice.


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