Seasonal or long-term classic car storage solutions have to be carefully searched. Not all ideas that might cross your mind are suitable for such purposes, and you may find out this aspect the hard way. When your vehicle will be damaged due to a variety of factors. However, some of the solutions available on the market will offer you the certainty that your vehicle is properly stored and no unfortunate events will ever occur. Below are some of those solutions that you have to analyze before making a decision, but also some tips you must take into account before moving your classic vehicle in.

Search for the perfect storage solution

Classic cars are more difficult to care for than any other vehicles. Their lifespan, however, can be prolonged if you choose the best storage solution for them. Ideally, your solution should have climate control options. We all know how important a constant temperature is for all vehicles, but especially for those old jewelries. Because of this, experts recommend finding a storage unit in your area. These come with all the necessary conditions to safely keep your oldie and preserve it until you are ready to show it off at the next exhibition. Luckily, there are plenty of vehicle storage Springfield based solutions, which come with climate control and increased safety features. More than his, you will have on-site and other surveillance solutions at hand, for making sure that your car will be in safe “hands” at all times.

Change the oil and make sure your tank is full

Prior to storing a classic car in such a unit, you have to make sure that you prep it accordingly. The best way of doing so is making sure that your oil is freshly changed and that your vehicle’s tank is full. Make sure that the gasoline is a premium one, because this type of gas will prevent moisture from building up in your tank. Take your car for a ride after doing so. You want to make sure that the premium gasoline and stabilizer will get through the system. An oil and filter change are also necessary. This will prevent the vehicle’s engine from rusting, and in the case of a classic car, there can’t be something worse than a rusty engine.

Clean and prep your car like a pro

There is nothing worse at the end of the cold season than a dirty, unpleasantly-smelling car. If you want to prevent this from happening, you should give it a deep cleanse and take some preventive measures when it comes to bad smells. Start by cleaning and waxing your car. This will prevent moisture and dirt from damaging the car’s body. A box inside the car will help you prevent unpleasant smells, and you will be able to get out of the unit a car that smells and looks amazing.

These are three simple tips that you have to follow if you want to keep your car in perfect shape during long-term storage. You don’t have to drive your car daily for assuring a high functionality. But you certainly have to pay increased attention to how you store it.

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