When searching for car offers, deciding on a particular model is not that easy, considering how many options there actually are available. Well, if you are having troubles in this department, a car model that might catch your interested is the BMW 3 series. BMW cars have always been quite popular, but the 3 series might be one of the most purchased models. You have the possibility of buying a used bmw3 series from Edmunds, if you cannot afford purchasing it new. However, if you are not quite sure if this model is the right option for you, learning about what it can offer you will be useful.

Strong engine

If you are looking for power, you will not be disappointed in the BMW 3 series. With a strong engine that comes at an entry level with 1.5-litre petrol, the power it provides is surprisingly strong. Although the car actually manages to return reasonable MPG, the power you can benefit from will not disappoint you.


For a pleasant driving experience, for both you and your passengers, sitting comfortably is essential. This is why, when you are searching for a vehicle, you should consider how much space that car offers. Besides having quite an impressive range of storage options, there is plenty of legroom for all your passengers to sit comfortably throughout the drive.

Ease of parking

The large door pillars the car comes with provides excellent rear visibility, aspect that simplifies parking considerably. But besides that, this model also has a rear sensors for aid parking, and you also have the possibility of adding front sensors and perhaps a reversing camera if you wish, but all in all, while driving this model, parking will not be an issue.


The technology incorporated in the latest versions of the BMW 3 series offers excellent satellite navigation and infotainment. The vehicle’s iDrive technology has great graphics, is easy to use and will make your drives as convenient and pleasant as possible.

These are only a few of the things that make the BMW 3 series one of the most loved cars of drivers. If you wre having doubts on what vehicle to purchase, now that you know more details about this particular BMW model, perhaps you will consider it as a good option. You can find numerous reviews on the internet that contain further details on this car, allowing you to acquire all the info you need to make a final choice.

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