If you saved some money to buy a car, but you still do not have enough for a new one, you should look for a used car. Often used cars are as good as new ones, and they can be purchased at a lower price. Nowadays many people choose to buy a used car, because they plan to resell it in the future. Either if you want to buy one of the Holden Used cars or other type of cars, you should ask some of the following questions.

What to ask when you buy from a dealer

The first thing you are interested in when buying a new car, is to see how many miles it has been driven, so this is the first question your dealer should answer. If it has lower than 5,000 mileage per year or more than 20,000, you should ask why. If it has a high mileage, you have to know if the last owner used it for stop-and-go driving, delivery route or many short trips. The next question will be “How is it equipped?”, and you should ask it even if it has a list with all the features. The key features you should look for when buying a used car are air bags, transmission type, A/C, sound system, antilock brakes, locks, power windows, or other such things. Be aware to double-check these things, to be sure that you find the right information. The third and very important question is “Has it been in an accident?”. You must know it there was any one because this may tell you if you have to look for any hidden damage. If the dealer is honest and tells you that it has been an accident, ask him what was the extent of the damage, how much the reparations have been and where he had it done. If there was a minor scratch, you do not have to worry, but if there was a serious crash, you should think twice before buying it. Do not forget to ask about service records. You should buy a car that was well cared for and had maintenance performed at regular intervals. You should be sceptical if the dealer tells you that he have done the maintenance but cannot prove it. You should ask for any repair-shop receipts, because they usually note the car’s odometer and this will help you verify if what tells the dealer is truth or not.

What to ask when buying form private sellers

The first question you have to ask is “Why are you selling the car?” If the owner has a plausible explanation, then you should look forward to negotiate with him, but if he tells you an interesting story, then you should search in other places. Be wary if the answer is evasive, because he may hide something. You should ask the owner to allow you to see the service records and other such evidence that the car was properly maintained. You should further ask him if he owned it since it is was new, and in this way, you can find the service history. The last question you should ask is “Are you the person who drove it the most?”. It is advisable to ask such a question because you should see if the principal driver of the car is a responsible person. Have these questions in mind when you want to purchase a used car, and you will surely buy a good one.

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